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Vehicles specifically designed or adapted for the Signal Corps were initially designated by a "K" number. The K-number was later phased out along with the Signal Corps Radio nomenclature system, and was replaced by a "V" number under the Joint Electronics Type Designation System (JETDS).

  • JETDS was adopted 16 February 1943
V-number tonnage drive manufacturer. type used with publication associated with
V-1 trailer 1-ton 1 axle unknown antenna mount PE-141 AN~CRN-2
V-2 trailer 2 axle (K-34 trailer) van TM 11-1343 AN~MPN-1
V-3 trailer 1 axle AN~CPN-7
V-4 trailer 2 axle (K-34 trailer) van AN~MPN-1A
V-5 trailer 12-ton 2 axle Adam Black & sons van SNL G724 AN~MPN-1B
V-6 trailer 2-ton 1 axle localizer PU-25 AN~CRN-10
V-7 trailer 2 axle (K-34 trailer) van AN~MPN-1C
V-8 truck 4-ton 6X6 Diamond T 968 truck/prime mover two PE-127 SNL G509 AN~MPN-1
V-9 trailer 15-ton 2 axle Fruehauf Corporation van SNL G713 AN~MPG-1
V-10 truck 4-ton 6X6 Diamond T prime mover two PE-127 SNL G509 AN/MPN-1A
V-11 truck 4-ton 6X6 Diamond T prime mover two PE-127 SNL G509 AN/MPN-1B
V-12 truck 5-6-ton 4X4 Autocar (K-30 truck/van) maintenance SNLG511 AN~MPN-1
V-13 trailer 3.5-ton 1 axle pole hauler SNL G782 telephone
V-14 trailer 2 axle AN~TPS-1
V-15 trailer 1-ton 1 axle Superior coach antenna mount SNL G518 AN~TPQ-2
V-16 trailer unknown IFF AN~MPX-2
V-17 truck 2.5-ton 6X6 CCKW pole derrick (CCKW) telephone
V-17A/MTQ truck 2.5-ton 6X6 GMCREO Motor Car Company pole derrick (M44) TM 9-8023-6, SNL G742 telephone
V-18 truck 2.5-ton 6X6 CCKW auger (CCKW) telephone
V-18A/MTQ truck 2.5-ton 6X6 GMCREO Motor Car Company auger (M44) TM 9-8023-6, SNL G742 telephone
V-19 trailer
V-20 truck
V-21 trailer AN~TPQ-4
V-22 trailer power PU-133 AN~GPN-2
V-23 Unknown
V-24 Unknown
V-25 trailer 1/4-ton 1-axle AN~MRD-8
V-26 trailer AN~MSG-1
V-27 Unknown
V-28 Unknown
V-29 Unknown
V-30 Unknown
V-31 trailer AN~FPN-1A
V-32 trailer AN~MPS-4
V-33 truck AN~MPS-4
V-34 Unknown
V-35 truck 1/4-ton 4X4 Jeep CJ radio (marines) TM 11-487-A AN~MRC-5,6,7,8
V-36 Unknown
V-37~U Truck
V-38 trailer 1-axle AN~MSQ-1
V-39 Unknown
V-40 Unknown
V-41 truck 3/4-ton 4X4 Dodge M37 Telephone Maintenance SNL G741 telephone
V-42 trailer 1 axle AN~MPN-5
V-43 trailer 1 axle AN~MPN-5
V-44 trailer 1 axle AN~MPN-5
V-45 dolly 1 axle AN~MPN-5
V-46 truck 4X4 prime mover AN~MPN-5
V-47 Unknown
V-48 Unknown
V-49 Unknown
V-50 Unknown
V-51 trailer AN~TSC-16
V-52 Unknown
V-53 trailer 10-ton 2-axle AN~GPN
V-54 trailer 10-ton 2-axle AN/GPN
V-55 trailer operation van AN~MTQ-1
V-56 Unknown
V-57 Unknown
V-58 Unknown
V-59 Unknown
V-60 Unknown
V-61 cart dolly for an/fps-8 AN~MPS-11
V-62 trailer antenna mount AN~MPQ-10A
V-63 trailer antenna mount AN~MPS-7
V-64 Unknown
V-65 trailer antenna mount AN~MPS-14
V-66 trailer transmitter/modulator AN~MPS-14
V-67 trailer outrigger transporter AN~MPS-14
V-68 Unknown
V-69 Unknown
V-70 Unknown
V-71 trailer 2-axle antenna mount AN~GPN-6
V-72 Unknown
V-73 Unknown
V-74 Unknown
V-75 trailer 2-axle antenna mount AN~MPS-8
V-76 Unknown
V-77 Unknown
V-78 Unknown
V-79 trailer 1-axle operations AN~MTQ-1
V-80 Unknown
V-81 Unknown
V-82 Unknown
V-83 trailer 1-axle operations AN~MRC-41 AN~MRR-5 AN~MRT-6
V-84 Unknown
V-85 Unknown
V-86 Unknown
V-87 Unknown
V-88 Unknown
V-89 Unknown
V-90 Unknown
V-91 Unknown
V-92 Unknown
V-93 Unknown
V-94 Unknown
V-95 Unknown
V-96 trailer operations AN~MPN-11, AN~MPN-13 AN~MPN-14
V-97 trailer power AN/MPN-11, AN~MPN-13 AN~MPN-14
V-98 Unknown
V-99 Unknown
V-100 Unknown
V-101 Unknown
V-102 Unknown
V-103 Unknown
V-104 Unknown
V-105 Unknown
V-106 Unknown
V-107 Unknown
V-108 Unknown
V-109 Unknown
V-110 Unknown
V-111 trailer AN~FPN-28
V-112 trailer 2-axle transmitter van AN~MPS-11
V-113 trailer 2-axle power distribution van AN/MPS-11
V-114 Unknown
V-115 Unknown
V-116 Unknown
V-117 Unknown
V-118 Unknown
V-119 Unknown
V-120 trailer 1 axle cable reel telephone
V-121 trailer power AN~MPN-11, AN~MPN-13 AN~MPN-14
V-122 Unknown
V-123 Unknown
V-124 Unknown
V-125 Unknown
V-126 truck 3/4-ton 4X4 Dodge Antenna mount SNL G741 AN~MPX-7
V-127 Unknown
V-128 Unknown
V-129 Unknown
V-130 trailer 1-axle Antenna mount AN~MPQ-4
V-166 truck 1.5-ton 6x6 drone control AN~USD-1
V-189 trailer 3-ton 2-axle operations center SNL-G833 AN~MSC-25
V-197 trailer 2-axle AN/MRC-115
V-200 Unknown
V-221 trailer 2-axle operations center AN/MCC-12
V-226 trailer 1-axle electomagnetic Ind. Inc. generator trailer ?
V-271 trailer 2-axle AN/TRC-87
V-280 trailer 2-axle maintenance AN/MSQ-35
V-287 trailer 2-axle antenna hauler AN/MSQ-35
V-300 Unknown
V-317 trailer 2-axle TTY operations center AN/MGC-31
V-334 trailer 3/4 ton 1-axle M-101 trailer AN~TRC-66, AN/TRC-97A
V-397 trailer 1/4 ton 1-axle Modified M-569 trailer AN~MRC-115
V-398 trailer 10 ton 6-axle OUTS AN~MSA-34
V-400 Unknown
V-415 trailer 1/4-ton 1-axle electomagnetic Ind. Inc. radio AN~MRC-126
V-434 cart push cart test equipment TM-11-6625-1668-12 AN/GGM-15
V-452 truck 2.5-ton 6X6 M109 van IBM punch card TM-11-7440-278-14 AN~MYK-8
V-460 truck 2.5-ton 6X6 M109 van IBM punch card TM-11-7440-278-14 AN/MYK-8
V-474 dolly pod carrier AN~ALM-153
V-483 truck 2.5-ton 6X6 M109 van IBM punch card TM-11-7440-278-14 AN~MYK-8
V-485 dolly 2-axle test equipment AN/ALM-166A
V-487 trailer 2-axle antenna hauller C-band AN/MPS-T1
V-488 trailer 2-axle antenna hauller S-band AN/MPS-T1
V-489 trailer 2-axle antenna hauller C-band AN/MPS-T1
V-490 trailer 2-axle antenna hauller C-band AN/MPS-T1
V-491 trailer 2-axle antenna hauller L-band AN/MPS-T1
V-492 trailer 2-axle antenna hauller S-band AN/MPS-T1
V-493 trailer 2-axle antenna hauller S-band AN/MPS-T1
V-494 trailer 2-axle antenna hauller X-band AN/MPS-T1
V-498 trailer 1/4-ton 1-axle (M569) central office SNL-G857 AN~TTC-41
V-499 trailer 2-axle electronic repair TM 11-4940-476-24 AN~ALM-153
V-500 Unknown
V-516 trailer 2-axle test facility AN/MSM
V-521 trailer 2-axle data processing AN~MYQ-4
V-528 trailer 1-axle Trailer, Cable Reel AN~TTC-39
V-600 trailer 2-axle transportable shelter AN~USD-9