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  • The abbreviation OUTS stands for Operational Unit Transportable System and normally consists of seven AN/MSA-34: The seven trailers are not visible:


Each of the trailer's three shelters provide a specific function. One possible layout of the 21 shelters in a complete OUTS is show in Adobe PDF icon.png TM-32-5811-021-14 1977:

OUTS sample config.png


  • OUTS, 409th ASA Co. 1984, Augsburg, Germany

19575 185473409744 5850915 n.jpg

  • Interior of OUTS TRR-27 & TSQ-79 shown

227329 104102229679426 7309112 n.jpg

  • OUTS disassembly, 409th ASA 1983 Augsburg, Germany

11143568 10204109207071145 4593014164285973589 n.jpg

Reference File

Adobe PDF icon.png TM-32-5811-021-14 1977

Adobe PDF icon.png TM 32-5410-215-14P 1980 (LOGSA)