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AN/GPN-2 Mobile S-Band Beacon & Nav. Aid P/O AN~MPN-3 Bendix 2-18 & 100-156 MC Radios 98145,98302,98362,98866, 900935 1956


  • R-176/ GPN-2 Receiver
  • T-149/ GPN-2 Xmitter
  • AS-78/MPN-1 GPN-2 VHF Whip Antenna
  • AS-317/ GPN-2 Antenna
  • AS-338/ GPN-2 Antenna
  • AT-109/ GPN-2 Antenna Reflector
  • CM-40298 GPN-2 Thermometer Bendix
  • DBF-1 GPN-2 Radar DF Equipment
  • J-1803/ GPN-2 Ant. Obstruction Light Recpt.
  • J-1810/ GPN-2 Radar DF Ant. Receptacle
  • J-1811/U GPN-2 VHF Ant. Receptacle
  • J-1812/U GPN-2 Land Line Receptacle
  • MX-572/U GPN-2 Ant. Obstruction Light on AS-338/
  • S-35/ GPN-2 Shelter (truck mounted)
  • V-22/M GPN-2 Power Trailer