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The V-96/MPN-11 operations trailer here together with the V-97/MPN-11 trailer (to the left) and the RAPCON trailer (in the background)as AN/MPN-14

Major Components

1.Communication Control Console AN/MPA-19 (1)

2. Communication Control Console AN/MPA-22 (1)

3. Electrical Equipment Cabinet CY-3365/MPA-17 (1)

4. Antenna Support AB-715/MPN (1)

5. Power Supply PP-3016/GPN (1)

6. Recorder-Reproducer Assembly RO-193/MPN (1)

7. Amplifier Control Group AN/MPA-25 (1)

8. Control Indicator Group AN/MPA-9 (2)

9. Electrical Equipment Cabinet Base MT-2617/MPN (2)

10.Electrical Equipment Shelf FN-131/MPN (2)

11.Control-Indicator C-3880/MPN (1)

12.Power Supply Set AN/MPA-26 (1)

13.Control Indicator C-3709/GPN (1)

14.Controller Seat Assembly 33443 (7)

15.Radar Set Data Display Board PT-458/MPN (2)

16.Interconnecting Cable Set 95113 (1)

17.Intercommunication Station LS-478/MPN (2)

18.Aircraft Obstruction Marker Light MX-3652/MPN (1)

19.Communications Control Console AN/MPA-20 (1)

20.Communications Control Console AN/MPA-21 (1)

21.Antenna Support (vhf) AB-194/GPN

22.Antenna Base AB-195/GPN

23.Antenna Support (uhf) AB-333/GPN

24.Radar Test Set AN/GPN-16

25.Antenna Horn AS-513/GPN

26.Antenna (Azimuth) AS-519/GPN

27.Antenna (Elevation) AS-520/GPN

28.Antenna (uhf) AT-197/GR

29.Antenna AT-282/GPN

30.Antenna AT-283/GPN

31.Antenna Reflector (Search) AT-284/GPN

32.Antenna AT-285/GPN

33.Antenna Reflector (Azimuth) AT-290/GPN

34.Antenna Reflector (Elevation) AT-291/GPN

35.Radio Set Control C-872/GPN

36.Signal Comparator CM-35/GPN

37.Directional Coupler CU-266/GPN

38.Signal Data Converter CV-142/GPN

39.Air Conditioner HD-78/G

40.Electric Exhaust Fan HD-98/GPN

41.Electric Exhaust Fan HD-222/GPN

42.Air Conditioner HD-237/MPN-11C

43.Azimuth Elevation-Range Indicator IP-127/GPN

44.Azimuth Elevation-Range Indicator IP-128/GPN

45.Indicator Group OA-230/GPN

46.Indicator Group (Search) OA-231/GPN

47.Synchroscope Set OA-233/GPN

48.Antenna Group OA-235/GPN

49.Transmitter Group OA-243/GPN

50.Comparator-Power Supply Group OA-244/GPN

51.Comparator-Power Supply Group OA-245/GPN

52.Dynamotor Power Distribution Group OA-251/GPN

53.Radar Set Group OA-257/GPN

54.Radar Set Group OA-258/GPN

55.Radar Set Group OA-259/GPN

56.Radar Set Group OA-262/GPN

57.Indicator Control Group OA-271/GPN

58.Radar Set Group OA-276/GPN

59.Direction Finder Group OA-277/GPN

60.Radar Set Group OA-279/GPN

61.Antenna Group OA-634/MPN-11

62.Antenna Group (Elevation) OA-6-142/MPN-11

63.Antenna Group (Azimuth)OA-6, 13/MPN-11

64.Radar Set Control Group OA-6441/MPN-11

65.Power Supply (10 kw) PP-607/GPN

66.Power Supply (28v, dc) PP-1383/MPN- 11C

67.Engine Generator PU-211/G

68.Radio Receiver-Transmitter RT-178/ARC-27

69.Power Distribution Panel SB-50ot/MPN-11C

70.Electrical Synchronizer SN-87/GPN

71.Electrical Synchronizer SN-88/GPN

72.Radar Transmitter T-289/GPN

73,Sweep Generator TD-50/GPN

74.Sweep Generator TD-51/GPN

75.Pulse Generator TD-57/GPN

76.Map Generator TD-5cl/GPN

77.Map Generator TD-58A/GPN

78.Antenna Drive (Search) TG-11/GPN

79.Antenna Drive (Precision) TG-12/GPN

80.Cargo Trailer (Operations) V-96 trailer/MPN-11

81.Cargo Trailer (Power) V-97 trailer/MPN-11

82.Cargo Trailer (Power) V-121 trailer/MPN-11C


Technical Orders 31P5-2MPN14- Series