AN - Antennas

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  • AN-1 P/O A-2. 150'Inverted-L Ant. for SCR-54 Receiver 1918
  • AN-2 P/O A-3 Ant. Eqpt. for SCR-74
  • AN-3 P/O A-4, for SCR-67
  • AN-4 40' Umbrella Ant, P/O A-1 for SCR-49, Pre WW-One (also U/W SCR-127,SCR-130 Pack Radios)
  • AN-5 P/O A-3-A Ant. for SCR-74-A Radio 115 foot wire with snap on each end
  • AN-6 P/O A-23 Ant. for SCR-59A,75,114,115,116 Aircraft Sets c WW-One
  • AN-7 P/O A-9-A Ant for SCR-105 Radio Set Post WW-One
  • AN-8 P/O A-9-A Ant for SCR-67-A,SCR-79, SCR-99 Radio Sets c WW-One
  • AN-9 umbrella, 780-feet Circum.
  • AN-10 double antenna, spreaders, wires, similer to ant. on U.S Cable ship Joseph Henry
  • AN-11 "T" type aerial, for marine wirless sets of harbor tugs.
  • (Note 1920 storage cataloge ends here)