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The SCR-296-A is a radar set assigned to modern sea- coast batteries of 6-inch caliber or larger. Its function is to provide present azimuth and range of suface vessels with sufficient accuracy for direction of gun fire. The operation of this set is not limited by darkness, haze, smoke, or other atmospheric characteristics that render optical methods of observation ineffective. Normally, the SCR-296-A will be operated only when the battery is assigned a target. Approximate data on present position are sup- plied through the chain of command to the SCR-296-A by the surveillance set SCR-582, these data being sufficiently accurate to place the SCR-296-A on the target. The present position data from the SCR-296-A are telephoned to the battery plotting room on time- interval signals or, as projected for the future, are sent directly to a computer by a data transmission system. The set utilizes short pulses of high-frequency radio energy. The time interval from the emission of a pulse to the reception of the reflected energy from a target determines the range to the target. A highly directive antenna is used to determine the azimuth of the target.


SCR-296A* 700 MC Coastal Defense Radar Consists of

  • BC-716 Radar Receiver, 700 MC, 14 tubes
  • BC-717 Xmitter 6 tubes
  • BC-718* 3" Oscilloscope 3AP1/4 & 6 tubes, azimuth display
  • BC-719 5" Oscilloscope 5HP1 & 19 tubes, range display
  • BC-720* Modulator 8 tubes
  • BC-723 Range Unit two 6SJ7
  • BC-724 Power Drive
  • BC-725 Calibrator TM 11-1048 1942
  • BC-726 Calibrators I-147, I-156, I-168 3 tubes TM 11-1128 1943
  • BC-1286* AGC Unit U/W BC-716, RA-49 P/O SCR-296A 1943
  • BC-1296 Range Control Unit U/W BC-723 Range Unit, RS-296
  • BC-1297 Position Xmitter. C/O Potentiometer RS-296, FT-336-A
  • BD-106 Switchboard or duplex panel
  • BD-108 power control panel
  • RC-136 MK 3 IFF Set, 157-187 MC U/W MPM-4, SCR-296A
  • BE-82 cabinet
  • RA-49 regulated rectifier power supply, TM 11-1105, 1505
  • RA-50 high voltage rectifier
  • RM-36 control unit
  • I-110 azimuth indicator
  • MG-16 motor generator
  • AN-70 antenna
  • HO-1 power shelter PE-84 genset
  • HO-2 opperator shelter
  • HO-16 part of tower?


Reference Files

Adobe_PDF_icon.png Coast Artillery Training Bulletin[1]
Operation of the SCR-296-A
Prepared at
the Coast Artillery School
Fort Monroe, Virginia
Vol. 2 No. 6
June 1943

  • FM 4-95 service of the radio set SCR-296. 15, sept. 1943

Adobe PDF icon.png FM 4-95 1943

  • TM 11-1305 Technical Operations Manual For Radio Sets SCR-296 20 July 1944.
  • TM 11-1405 Preventive Maintenance Radio Equipments SCR-296 12 July 1944
  • TM 11-1505 Service Manual For Radio Sets SCR-296 Theory, Trouble Shooting and Repair. 14 Aug. 1944


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