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S-Band Aircraft Radar, 3100-3400 MC, 150 KW-PP This is a microwave small package ASV developed from the SCR-517. The SCR-717-A provides B scopes for pilot and operator with maximum ranges of 5, 20, 50, and 100 nautical miles. Either the forward or rear 180° is scanned as desired. The SCR-717-B provides PPI Scopes for pilot and operator with maximum ranges of 4, 25, 40, and 100 nautical miles. 360° scanning is provided on all ranges, with open center indication on the 4 mile range. The sets have provisions for IFF identification connections. Includes connections for operation with IR, Racon and AN/APQ-5(radar bomb-sight) equipment. Test set IE-57 or LZ and PE-143 power equipment are required for maintenance. SCR-717-A.jpg


Test Sets

  • TS-5/AP, APM-10,37 1943


  • AN 08-1-17,
  • 08-5EB-1,
  • 08-5EC-1,
  • 08-10-149,159,173, 16-55-81