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Part of SCS-3 Fighter control

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Radio Set SCR-573 was a-m or tone-modulated, v-h-f, transmitting equipment for ground-to-air, and point-to-point communication. It was normally operated as mobile equipment from the K-53 truck, and K-63 trailer, both of which were supplied. Radio Set SCR-573-A (transmitting station) when used with Radio Set SCR-574-A (receiving station) comprised a two-way, v·h-f Fighter Control Net System. Two BC-640 transmitters, each operating on one preset, crystal-controlled frequency, provided dual channel transmission. Equipment could be controlled locally, or by remote control over standard telephone lines from a distance of 60 to 120 miles. The distance between transmitters and receivers should have been at least 1/4 mile and not more than two miles, because the transmitters could block out receivers operating in adjacent channels. Recommended antenna system consisted of Antenna AN-86 (76 feet), two Antenna Equipments RC-81, and associated coaxial cable. · Power was normally furnished by Power Unit PE-99 (part of Radio Set SCR-573), or an equivalent source. Power requirements were 5.5 kva of 110-v, 50/60-cyc, single phase ac (with electric heaters), 2.2 kva (without the electric heaters).


Reference File

  • TO AN-40SCR573-2