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Part of SCS-3 fighter control SCR-574 Data.png SCR-574.2.jpg SCR-574.jpg

Radio Set SCR-574 was a mobile, v·h·f (voice or tone) radio receiving equipment for ground-to-air and point·to·point communication built into the K-53 truck and K-69 truck. Two Radio Receivers BC-639, (illustrated above) provide dual reception on any frequency from 100 to 156 me. This equipment could be used with Radio Set SCR-573 to comprise a two-way v-h-f, Fighter Control Net System. The Antenna system consisted of Antenna AN-86, Antenna Equipment RC-81, and associated 72-ohm coaxial cable. It operated on power furnished by Power Unit PE-99 on a K-63 trailer, or from a 115v 50/60-cyc source of commercial ac. Required 4.5 kva with electric heaters in operation, 1.4 kva without these heaters


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  • TO 16-40SCR574-2