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RAU AN/TRC-191 is an automatic interface between the mobile subscribers and the MSE network. It allows access of the MSRT into the common user switched system. The RAU can be collocated with a node center NC or remoted from a node center via radio link. Functional characteristics of the RAU include omnidirectional radio coverage, automatic establishment of fu duplex communications, secure digital voice orderwire, processing of precedence levels in the direction of radio toward network, 15-kilometer (9.3-mile) range, and a frequency range from 30 to 88 MHz. The RAU is contained in a single S-250 shelter transported on a HMMWV. It has a capacity of eight simultaneous calls via the eight radios which are the major elements of the assemblage. Power is provided by a PU-751/M 5-kw trailer-mounted diesel generator set.

Major Components:

  • 1 Electronic Transfer Device KYK-13
  • 1 Radio Frequency Fill Device
  • 1 Group Logic Unit
  • 1 Antenna Coupler
  • 1 Trunk Encryption Device KG-94
  • 1 Orderwire Control Unit
  • 1 VINSON COMSEC Equipment KY-57
  • 1 Transition Unit
  • 1 Junction Box
  • 1 Antenna Mast Mounted
  • 1 Vehicular Antenna
  • 1 DSVT KY-68
  • 1 Antenna Mast