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AN.VRC-97 MSRT.jpg

MSRT AN/VRC-97 provides mobile subscribeRs a means of accessing the MSE network via radio linkage. It consists of digital subscriber voice terminal (DSVT) TSEC/KY-68 and receiver/transmitter RT-1539. Functional characteristics of the MSRT include secure automatic voice/data communications, discrete addressability, automatic reaffiliation during movement, internal COMSEC, a frequency range of 30 to 88 MHz, and a 15-kilometer (9.3- mile) range. Depending on mission requirements, the MSRT can either be installed on a vehicle or used in a stand-alone configuration.

Major Components:

  • 1 Digital Secure Voice Terminal XY-68
  • 1 Antenna, VHF (30 to 88 MHz)