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The heart of the MSE network is the node center (NC). Each NC consists of:

  • One AN/TTC-47 node switch (NS). An operations group (OG) shelter and a switching group (SG) shelter comprise the NS.
  • One node management facility (NMF).
  • Four LOS AN/TRC-190(V3) ultra high frequency (UHF) radio assemblages.
  • One radio access unit (RAU).
  • One node support vehicle (NSV).
  • Two 10 kilowatt diesel generators PU-753/M
  • Five 5 kilowatt diesel generators PU-751/M

NC.jpg NC.02.jpg

CONNECTIVITY: Most NC traffic is passed between the NC switch NS and the four LOS(V)3 multichannel radio assemblages. Each LOS(V)3 passes three digital transmission groups (DTGs) multiplexed into one multiplex DTG (MDTG) to the NC switch. The NC switch also can cable directly to two SENs, a RAU, and an SCC-2. In addition to the LOS assemblages, the NC connects to multichannel TACSAT/tropospheric scatter (TROPO) systems, or allied subscribers. Twenty-four local telephones are available for NC personnel.