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CS / Cases list

(Usually for equipment storage or transit)

  • CS-1 Casing type, for housing apparatus. P/O SCR-73
  • CS-2 Wood Case for BC-17 Radio Batts & Spares WW-One
  • CS-3 Wood Battery Box for BA-3 P/O SCR-73 "
  • CS-5 Case for BD-9 Swbd.
  • CS-6 Case for BD-10, switchboard EE-2
  • CS-7 Case for Switchboard BD-11
  • CS-8 Case, battery carrying, white pine, W/brass fittings, field artillery type
  • CS-9 Case, Carrying, for maps, waterproof duck, and celluliod cover, and shoulder strap.
  • CS-10 Case, Reagent, for testing electrolite.
  • CS-11 ?
  • CS-12 Case, Electrical Instrument, P/O EE-53

(Note storage catalog ends here)

  • CS-219 Crystal Case (two drawers)
  • CS-273A Plastic case. 17x16x8"
  • CS-695 Fiberglass case 18x18x14.5"
  • CS-1060 Oscilloscope Chassis and Case
  • CS-618S1 Equipment Chassis-Case 8x16x24"

  • CS-15X18 Transit Case
  • CS-PL-SR Plastic Storage Case 5x6x8"
  • CS-REC/MRC Receiver Case
  • CS-TH-14 Aluminum Transit Case 20x18x8"
  • CS-TCC-11 Aluminum Test Meter Transit Case 5x8x12"
  • CS-TS147 Aluminum Case
  • CS-URM11 Metal-clad Case 10x13x16"
  • CS-XT/MRC Transmitter Case