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1 Shelter [[S-365]]/MTA-3B (modified [[S-280]]B/G  
1 Shelter [[S-365]]/MTA-3B (modified [[S-280]]B/G)
3 Switchboards [[SB-1398]]/GTA
3 Switchboards [[SB-1398]]/GTA
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2 Telephone Sets [[TA-312]]/PT
2 Telephone Sets [[TA-312]]/PT
1 Shelter [[s-366]]/MTA-4B (modified [[S-280]]B/G )
1 Shelter [[S-366]]/MTA-4B (modified [[S-280]]B/G)
3 Main Distribution Frames [[TA-454]]/GTA-14
3 Main Distribution Frames [[TA-454]]/GTA-14

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The AN/MTC-1 and -1A were air- or vehicular-transportable manual central offices which provided switching for 196 local battery or common battery subscriber lines and 20 manual or dial trunk circuits. The AN/MTC-1 and the -1A were each housed in two shelters, the AN/MTA-3 and AN/MTA-4. The MTA-3 contained three parallel switchboard positions. The AN/MTA-4 housed the relays, frames, storage batteries, and power panel. The AN/MTC-1 or the -1A was used at signal centers in the corps area communication systems.

Major Components

AN/MTC-1 :

1 Shelter S-179/MTA-3 (modified S-141/G)

3 Switchboards SB-249A/TTC

3 Telephone Sets TA-312/PT

1 Shelter S-180/MTA-4 (modified S-141/G)

3 Main Distribution Frames TA-257/TTC

2 Line Relays TA-223A/TTC

1 Line Relay TA-226A/TTC

1 Power Distribution Panel SB-1032/TTC

4 Batteries BB-46

3 Telephone Sets TA-312/PT


1 Shelter S-365/MTA-3B (modified S-280B/G)

3 Switchboards SB-1398/GTA

2 Telephone Sets TA-312/PT

1 Shelter S-366/MTA-4B (modified S-280B/G)

3 Main Distribution Frames TA-454/GTA-14

2 Line Relays TA-452/GTA-14

1 Line Relay TA-226/TTC

1 Power Distribution Panel SB-1399/GTA

4 Batteries BB-46

3 Telephone Sets TA-312/PT

2 Intercommunication Stations LS-147F/FI

AN.MTC-1 AND 1A.2.jpg

Early MTC-1 configuration (The shelters are the early version S-141):

AN.MTC-1 AND 1A.3.jpg

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Reference Files

  • TM 11-5805-284-14
  • TM 11-5805-284-15