Signal Corps Pamphlets

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                                                                        To TM 11-200 300
                             Training Pamphlets                         400 500 600
                             Field Pamphlets                            700 800 900
                             Electrical-Engineering Pamphlets           1000 1100 1200
                             Wire Communication Pamphlets
                             Signal Corps Manuals

Signal Corps Pamphlets were later called Wire Communication Pamphlets (See listing in Training Circular no.7 and in several Pamphlets)

  • Signal Corps Pamphlet no.1: EE-1 Buzzerphone
  • Signal Corps Pamphlet no.2: Monocord Switchboard Unit
  • Signal Corps Pamphlet no.3: Camp, Field and 1375-B Telephones
  • Signal Corps Pamphlet no.4: Divisional Signalling