Wire Communication Pamphlets

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These pamphlets were originally designated as Signal Corps Pamphlets.

Some Wire Communication Pamphlets were formerly called Electrical-Engineering Pamphlets, others were former Training Pamphlets
WI PA-07 COVER.jpg
  • Wire Communication Pamphlet no.1 (Was formerly called Electrical-Engineering Pamphlet no.1) The Buzzerphone EE-1

Adobe PDF icon.png WI PA-01 1918

  • Wire Communication Pamphlet no.2 Monocord Swithcboards of Units Type EE-2 and Type EE-2-A and Monocord Swithchboard Operator's Set Type EE-64 May, 1921 W.D.D. 1081

Adobe PDF icon.png WI PA-02 1921

  • Wire Communication Pamphlet no.3 Field telephones (Types EE-3;EE-4;EE-5)
  • Wire Communication Pamphlet no.4 (Was formerly called Training Pamphlet no.3) Laying Cable in the Forward Area July 27, 1918

Adobe PDF icon.png WI PA-04

  • Wire Communication Pamphlet no.6 (W.D.D no. 828) (Was formerly designated Training Pamphlet no.6 A) Trench Line Construction July, 1918

Adobe PDF icon.png WI PA-06

  • Wire Communication Pamphlet no.7 Signal Corps Universal Test Set, Type EE-65 Nov. 1921 W.D.D. no. 1020, Second Edition, Nov. 1921

Adobe PDF icon.png WI PA-07

  • Wire Communication Pamphlet no.10 (W.D. no. 1068) 1921 Wire axis installation and maintenance within the division
  • Wire Communication Pamphlet no.11 (W.D. no. 1096) Elements of the Automatic Telephone System Feb.1922

Adobe PDF icon.png WI PA-11 1922