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MP-48 Mast Base 8752895024 l.jpg



  • W-128 wire on inside
  • W-128 wire on outside
  • W-128 wire attached to base with terminal end. (pictured)
  • WC-562 COAX wire attached to end,

early coax

MP-48 early coax.JPG

late coax

MP-48 late coax.JPG

COAX notes

Whenever you need more than 3 feet of wire, coax is required, however the female connectors are impossible to find so you will have to build your own. first you will have to find a base with the coax guts in it. if its NOS it will have a brass shipping cap on the end. by drilling this cap out it will give you a good place to start. you will have to go to google patents (Coaxial cable coupling US 2615953 A) and give those drawings to your gun smith along with your RG-11 coax. the photo is of a homemade connector in a M29. that we put together. using this method.

Weasel antenna.jpg
Coax to scr-508.JPG

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Tech Bulletin
January 1945
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