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  • J-1, M1915 for SCR-49
  • J-2, on mounting base ? SCR-49
  • J-3, adjustable, folding, SCR-71
  • J-4, silent, for instruction
  • J-5, flame proof, TM-8 terminal, and base for aircraft.
  • J-6, adjustable, open gap, aircraft
  • J-7, adjustable, flame proof, winker lamp socket, aircraft
  • J-8 ?
  • J-9, ?
  • J-10, on radio tractor set ?
  • J-11, flameproof, silent, for instruction.
  • J-12, adjustable , high speed.
  • J-13, ?
  • J-14, adjustable, folding, 6-ohm resistor, BC-47
  • J-15, legless; Brunnell type, EE-15 buzzer
  • J-16, strap unmounted, EE-10 signal lamp
  • J-17, flashing, strap, unmounted,
  • J-18, open circuit telegraph, EE-21
  • J-19, telephone, 2-way,
  • J-20, telephone, double pole, single throw, switch box BC-95
  • J-21, strap, (Key Strap large)
  • J-22, strap, (Key strap small)
  • J-23, wireless telegraph, M1911,
  • J-24, oil break, (oil break wireless telegraph key)
  • J-25, radio sending key, SCR-41
  • J-26, radio telegraph, McKinney type,
  • J-27, radio telegraph, McKinney type, marine wireless sets
  • J-28, open circuit , leg,
  • J-29, closed circuit, leg,
  • J-30, closed circuit legless,
  • J-31, combination, leg,
  • J-32, open circuit, legless,
  • J-33, open circuit, legless,
  • J-34, flashing type, for EE-6 signal lamp.
  • J-35, flashing type, BC-81, EE-7

(NOTE 1920 storage catalog ends here)


signal corps museum, article. File:Telegraph key.pdf