FU - Fuse

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(NOTE- storage catalogue also lists two fuses under M-numbers)

  • M-36, 3-amp, glass capsule EE-2
  • M-58, 3-amp, baby-cartridge, rear connected spring clip.

Also a "fuse link" listed in the BC-191 manual


  • FU-1, 250-volt, 5-amp, cartridge type,
  • FU-2, 250-volt, 10-amp, cartridge type,
  • FU-3, 250-volt, 15-amp, cartridge type,
  • FU-4, 250-volt, 5-amp, cartridge type,
  • FU-5, 250-volt, 10-amp, cartridge type,
  • FU-6, 250-volt, 15-amp, cartridge type,
  • (NOTE 1920 catalogue ends here)