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  • At the bottom 6 CV-425/U, in the middle manual telephone switchboard TH-22TG. Above the TH-22/TG a LS-147/FI Loadspeaker.

The AN/TGC-30 Teletypewriter Central Office terminated one duplex or two half-duplex, secure teletypewriter circuits. It also provided for switching 15-voice frequency teletypewriter lines by means of an SB-22/PT switchboard. Security was provided by TSEC~K7'S. It was used at division and corps levels.

Major Components

2 Reperforator-Transmitters TT-76/GGC

2 Teletypewriters TT-98/FG

1 Telephone Switchboard SB-22/PT

3 Telegraph Terminals TH-22/TG

6 Telegraph-Telephone Signal Converters CV-425/U

1 Telephone Set TA-312/PT

2 Communications Security Equipment TSEC~KW-7

3 Air Conditioner

1 Shelter S-391/TGC-30 (modified S-250/G)

Reference File

  • TM 11-5815-361-14 (Google)

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