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The Communication Central AN/MSC-3 is a mobile, self contained, high and low power communication station. The transmitting and receiving equipment, when used with the associated equipment is capable of providing six high powered communication channels, operating on either voice, teletype, or continuous wave (cw). Also provided are one very high frequency (vhf) channel that can operate on voice or modulated continuous wave (mcw), and one ultra high frequency (uhf)channel that can operate on voice teletype or modulated continuous wave (mcw). The system is capable of handling long haul, ship to shore and plane to shore circuits. It is designed as a long range, ground radio communcation unit to be as mobile as possible within the limits of its application. It may be transported by rail, ship or under its own power. The AN/MSC-3 consists of Radio Central AN/MRC-25, Teletypewriter Central AN/MGC-1, Radio Transmitter Central AN/MRT-3, Radio Central AN/MRC-17 and Communication Central Office Group AN/MSA-1.

  • AN.MRC-25.jpgAN.MGC-1.jpgAN.MRT-3.jpgAN.MRC-17.jpgAN.MSA-1.jpg


  • NAVSHIPS 92158 Technical Manual for AN/MSC-3 Communication Central