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The Communication Central Office Group AN/MSA-1 is part of the Communications Group AN/MSC-3 AN.MSA-1.jpg AN.MSA-2.jpg

Communications Central Office Group AN/MSA-1 is a fully equipped trailer type van which provides a mobile office that may be towed on land or transported by ship or rail. Its principal function is to provide working facilities for personnel on continuous duty in the coding and decoding of communications. This equipment consisted essentially of a van with built-in wooden furniture, fixed light and heating equipment, air conditioning, power generator systems, and office and communication equipment. Terminals were installed for two teletypewriter and six telephone circuits. It was equipped with a C0-2 fire protection system. The electrical power system was designed to furnish an independent source of power for the air conditioning system and for lighting and miscellaneous office use. Wiring is provided for receiving power from an external source or furnishing power to an external load.

Major Components

1 Power Unit PE-95- G

1 Teletypewriter Model 19

1 Safe Locker No. 6

2 Communication handsets

5 Typewriters


  • NAVSHIPS 91498 Technical Manual for Communication Central Office Group AN/MSA-1