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AN~APG-13* S-Band "Falcon" for B-25 & PBJ-1H with 75 mm cannon GE Co.


  • RT-39,61/ APG-13 RF Units CO AN 08-30APG13-2
  • APM-33,34,38 APG-13 Test Sets
  • APM-33,34,45 APG-13A Test Sets
  • BC-1229* Relay Box (U/W SCR-717,720)
  • ID-88/ APG-13 Test Scope R/B ID-93/APG-13
  • ID-93/ APG-13 A/M Indicator 3BP1 & 5 tubes U/W PU-43A
  • MT-39/ APG-13 Shock Mount for RT-39/
  • MT-276/ APG-13 Shock Mount for ID-93/
  • MX-215/APG Blower Unit
  • MX-258/ APG-13 Test Clamp
  • PU-43A AC Generator