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==parts system nomenclature==
==parts system nomenclature==
As of october 1920. The JTEDS (1943) system redefined many of these.
As of october 1920. The JTEDS (1943) system redefined many of these. See [[JETDS system equipment abbreviation]]
* [[A]]. Antenna equipment
* [[A]]. Antenna equipment
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* [[MG]]. Motor generators.
* [[MG]]. Motor generators.
* [[ML]]. Meteorological apparatus
* [[ML]]. Meteorological apparatus
* [[MO]]. Motors.
* [[MO Motors]].
* [[MP]]. Mast plates, and caps.
* [[MP]]. Mast plates, and caps.
* [[MR]]. Markers
* [[MR]]. Markers
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* [[WT]]. Weights for antenna or for buzzer vibrators.
* [[WT]]. Weights for antenna or for buzzer vibrators.
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parts system nomenclature

As of october 1920. The JTEDS (1943) system redefined many of these. See JETDS system equipment abbreviation

  • A. Antenna equipment
  • AH. Guy anchors
  • AL. Aerial liaison panels
  • AN. Antenna aerials, made up of a definite length of antenna wire, having the ends prepared for attaching to masts or other supports
  • AP. Aerial communication panel sets
  • AR. Lightning arrestors
  • BA. primary batteries, wet and dry
  • BB. Storage batteries, lead and Edison
  • BC,BE. Set boxes, apparatus boxes, carrying boxes, cabinets, outlet boxes, chests and the like.
  • BD. Power boards, switchboards, and panels
  • BG. Carrying cases, tool rolls, tool cases, tool kits and covers.
  • BL. Connecting blocks
  • BT. Battery trays.
  • BZ. Buzzers
  • C, CU, ID. Induction coils, transformers, linking and coupling coils.
  • CA. Condensers, both variable and fixed.
  • CC. (1-49) Telephone switchboard, transmitting and receiver cords.
  • CC. (50-99) Telephone switchboard connectiing cords
  • CC. (100-299) Telephone cords, post and artillery type.
  • CC. (300-399) Standard cords for field equipment.
  • CD. Extinsion cords, complete with terminals all kinds of complete connection cords.
  • CN. Vibrator and interrupter contacts
  • CO. Extension cords without terminal connectors
  • CP. Counterpois, made up of definite lengths of wire with ends prepared for connecting to radio sets.
  • CS. Cases and casings.
  • DC. Detector crystals.
  • DM. Dynamotors and boosters.
  • DR. Drums and spools.
  • DT. Detector stands.
  • DY. Dynamometers.
  • E. Field glasses, and telescopes.
  • EE. Electrical Engineering sets, and equipments, including telephone and telegraph outfits, signal lamp sets, ect.
  • ET. Electrodes for spark gaps, either rotary or fixed.
  • F. Fairleads.
  • FA. Air fans.
  • FL. Filters
  • FM. Frames supporting.
  • FT. Fittings, clamps and mountings, or other accessories adapted to fastening detachable apparatus to a frame, support, or other apparatus.
  • GA. Spark gaps.
  • GC. Generator cranks.
  • GD. Ground equipment.
  • GE. Gasoline Engines
  • GN. Generators
  • GP. Grounds, pins, stakes, ground rods, etc.
  • GS. Generator stands.
  • GY. Guys
  • HA. Helmets.
  • HB. Headbands.
  • HK. Hooks.
  • HL. Heliograph parts.
  • HM. Hammers.
  • HS. Headsets
  • I. Instruments, both electrical as ampmeters, voltmeters, etc. and mechanical, clocks compasses ect.
  • IC. Insulating compounds.
  • IE. Instrument equipment.
  • IF. Switchboard instruments, flush type.
  • IN. Insulators.
  • IS. Switchboard instruments, flush mounted.
  • J. transmitting Keys, wire and wireless.
  • JK. Jacks.
  • JM. Jack mountings and outlets.
  • K. Carts, wire, signal, maintenance, etc.
  • KI. Kites antenna
  • KN. Knives
  • LM. lamps Illuminating
  • LP. Loops.
  • M, MC. Miscellaneous
  • MG. Motor generators.
  • ML. Meteorological apparatus
  • MO Motors.
  • MP. Mast plates, and caps.
  • MR. Markers
  • MS. Mast sections
  • MT. Ground mats.
  • OC. Oil cans, and oil can equipment.
  • P. Headphones, see also HS.
  • PE. Power equipment.
  • PF. Pole fittings, including all small parts used in pole line construction.
  • PG. Pigeon equipment.
  • PH. Photographic equipment.
  • PL. Plugs.
  • PO. Poles and pike poles.
  • PY. Pyrotechnical equipment.
  • R. Telephone receivers, A single receiver without headband assembly as defferentiated from headset or headphone.
  • RC. Radio Receiving equipment for radio sets, including T.P.S. set.
  • RE. Radio equipment, both receiving and transmitting including T.P.S. set.
  • RL. Reels and spools.
  • RP. Rope and cord or twine.
  • RS. Resistances.
  • RT. Radio transmitting equipments.
  • SCR. Signal Corps Radio Sets complete.
  • SE. Signal equipments.
  • SO. Sockets.
  • SS. Sections, flagstaf, and pike pole.
  • ST. straps, carry and binding.
  • SW. Switches.
  • T. Telephone transmitters. single transmitter without assembly in breastplate or other unit.
  • TE. Tool Equipment
  • TG. Telegraph Instruments
  • TL Tools.
  • TM Terminals, terminal lugs, conectors, binding posts, etc.
  • TN. Tents.
  • TR. Towers.
  • TS. Telephone sets, including transmitter receiver and appropriate mounting but not including apparatus box, etc.
  • TW. Twine.
  • VA. Variometers.
  • VT. Vacuume tubes, 3-electrode
  • W. Wire.
  • WC. (1-200) rubber insulated submarine cables.
  • WC. (201-300) rubber insulated subterranean cables.
  • WC. (301-400) paper insulated armored cables.
  • WC. (401-500) paper insulated unarmored
  • WC. (501-600) special types of cables.
  • WC. (601-700) Power cables.
  • WT. Weights for antenna or for buzzer vibrators.