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  • At the top the TH-5/TG.

The AN/TCC-14 is a combination of three components which permits simultaneous transmission of speech and half-duplex frequency-shift telegraph signals over a single voice-frequency circuit. The filter assembly F-98/U combines and separates the voice and the teletypewriter signals. Signals in the range of 1200 Hz. to 1400 Hz. are sent thru the TA-182/U to the TH-5/TG. All other audio signals up to 3000 Hz. are routed to the telephone set. The AN/TCC-14 was replaced by the AN~TCC-29.

Major Components

Telegraph Terminal TH-5/TG

Telegraph-Telephone Signal Converter TA-182/U

Filter Assembly F-98/U

Reference Files

  • TM 11-5805-254-15 and TM 11-5805-254-ESC

See Also

TCC - Transportable Carrier Communications

TA - Telephone Apparatus

TH - Telegraph apparatus

F - Filter Unit