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Major Components

Antenna Support (vhf) AB-194/GPN

Antenna Base AB-195/GPN

Antenna Support (uhf) AB-333/GPN

Radar Test Set AN/GPN-16

Antenna Horn AS-513/GPN

Antenna (Azimuth) AS-519/GPN

Antenna (Elevation) AS-520/GPN

Antenna (uhf) AT-197/GR

Antenna AT-282/GPN

Antenna AT-283/GPN

Antenna Reflector (Search) AT-284/GPN

Antenna AT-285/GPN

Antenna Reflector (Azimuth) AT-290/GPN

Antenna Reflector (Elevation) AT-291/GPN

Radio Set Control C-872/GPN

Signal Comparator CM-35/GPN

Directional Coupler CU-266/GPN

Signal Data Converter CV-142/GPN

Air Condition HD-78/G

Electric Exhaust Fan HD-98/GPN

Electric Exhaust Fan HtD-222/GPN Air Condition(r HD-237/MPN-11C

Azimuth Elevation-Range

Indicator IP-.27/GPN

Azimuth Elevation-Range

Indicator IP-128/GPN

Modification Kit MX-1211/GPN

Indicator Group OA-230/GPN

Indicator Group (Search) OA-231/GPN

Synchroscope Set OA-233/GPN

Antenna Group OA-235/GPN

Transmitter Group OA-243/GPN

Comparator-Power Supply Group OA-244/GPN

Comparator-Power Supply Group OA-245/GPN

Dynamotor Power Distribution Group OA-251/GPN

Radar Set Group OA-257/GPN

Radar Set Group OA-258/GPN

Radar Set Group OA-259/GPN

Radar Set Group OA-262/GPN

Communication Operation Group (lower) OA-267/GPN

Indicator Control Group OA-271/GPN

Radar Set Group OA-276/GPN

Direction Finder Group OA-277/GPN

Communications Operation Group (upper) OA-278/GPN

Radar Set Group OA-279/GPN

Antenna Group OA-634/MPN-11

Antenna Group (Elevation) OA-642/MPN-11

Antenna Group (Azimuth) OA-643/MPN-1 1

Radar Set Control Group OA-644/MPN-11

Communications Operation Group (upper 13) OA-645/MPN-11

Communications Operation Group (upper 16) OA-646/MPN-11

Communications Operation Group (upper 10) OA-647A/MPN-11

Power Supply (10 kw) PP-607/GPN

Power Supply (28v, dc) PP-1383/MPN-11C

Engine Generator PU-211/G

Radio Receiver-Transmitter RT-178/ARC-27

Power Distribution Panel SB-508/MPN-11C

Electrical Synchronizer SN-87/GPN

Electrical Synchronizer SN-88/GPN

Radar Transmitter T-289/GPN

Sweep Generator TD-50/GPN

Sweep Generator TD-51/GPN

Pulse Generator TD-57/GPN

Map Generator TD-SB/GPN

Map Generator TD-SBA/GPN

Antenna Drive (Search) TG-11/GPN

Antenna Drive (Precision) TG-1 2/GPN

Cargo Trailer (Operations) V-96/MPN-11

Cargo Trailer (Power) V-97/MPN-11

Cargo Trailer (Power) V-121/MPN-11C

Reference Files


  • 31P5-2MPN11- Series
  • 31P5-2CPN4-565
  • 31P5-2MPN11-506 and -504