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J-box, and terminal block photos, and drawings, and theorys

Small J-box

found on jeeps, weasels, and certain applications of other vehicles.

M29 weasel J-box.JPG

sherman radio J-box bow gunners side

Sherman BOG J-box.JPG

sherman radio J-box turret

Sherman turret J-box.JPG

E9 radio J-box.JPG

Medium J-box

from M4A3 sherman main distribution boxes, note 14 pin blocks.

IMG 2354.JPG

Large J-box

found on Dodges, (command car & Carryall) and halftracks, most likely for SCR-193 application needs TM-183

WC-53 J-box.JPG

  • NOS box with flag connectors

Large J-box-2.JPEG

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