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Military Characteristics. Telephone TP-·1-·Tl and Telephone TP-2- Tl have been designed to conform to t he military characteristics approved by the Signal Corps Technical Committee at a meeting (No. 148) held on jV!arch 8, 1937 and lf also to the recommendations set forth in a letter from the chief Signal officer to the Chief of the Air Corps, file OCSigO 413.42 (Balloon and Winch Telephone), March 26, 1937, and the first and second endorsements thereon, particularly the directive contained in the second endorsement.

  • The military characteristics of Telephone TP-1-T1 are as follows:
    • The telephone to provide for two-way communications be- tween Winch and Balloon and between Winch and a distant ground station or switchboard.
    • To provide means to transmit and receive signals from and to Balloon and distant stations by key-switching selection
    • To be equipped with head and chest set and handset with plugs and jack connections similar to those provided for Balloon telephone .
    • To be provided with neon arrester across cable conductor and sheath.
    • Provide for ground connection for cable sheath.
    • To be provided with ring-through talk-through repeating coil between cable and ground circuits as a precaution against dissipation of static charge through equipment or over ground ,circuits.
    • Provide compartment for head and chest set and handset.

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June 1, 1940


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