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The TD-203/U is a 48- or 96-channel PCM radio transmission interface unit. The transmit section accepts TDM-PCM outputs from one or two TD-353/U's, or from one or two TD-204/U, or from another TD-203/U, and processes the outputs for radio transmission. The receive section accepts a PCM signal from a radio receiver, processes and retimes it, and extracts the orderwire signal.

Reference File

Adobe PDF icon.png TM 11-5805-367-12

OPERATOR'S AND ORGANIZATIONAL MAINTENANCE MANUAL MULTIPLEXERS TD-202/U (NSN 5805-00-884-2176), ::TD-203/U (NSN 5805-00-884-2177), TD-204/U (NSN 5805-00-900-8200), TD-352/U (NSN 5805-00-900-8199), ::TD-353/U (NSN 5805-00-985-9153), RESTORERS, PULSE FORM, TD-206/G (NSN 5805-00-868-8078) AND TD-206B/G ::(NSN 5805-01-020-2251), AND CONVERTERS, TELEPHONE SIGNAL CV-1548/G (NSN 5805-00-069-8795), AND ::CV-1548A/G (NSN 5805-00-069-8795)
30 AUGUST 1966