SO - Sockets

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SO- Sockets, mating with PL - Plug, tubes, bulbs etc.

  • SO-1, double contact, cantilever base, winker lamp J-7 key (14-pin Chassis Socket P/O BC-312*, 342*) ??
  • SO-2, vacuum tube, western electric, No. 203-A
  • SO-3, vacuum tube, western electric, No. 205-A
  • SO-4, double bayonet for ML-1
  • SO-5, double bayonet for LM-1, western electric, No. 35
  • SO-6, SO-2 without base for BC-59
  • SO-7, SO-2 with different base
  • SO-8, double contact bayonet
  • SO-9, double contact bayonet, CD-83, EE-10
  • SO-10, lamp, edison, porcelian base, general electric, No. 9397 BC-92
  • SO-11, for EE-49, Pl-31 7 spring contact, wooden base
  • SO-12, for VT-18 tube, western electric, No. 202-A

(NOTE - 1920 storage catalogue ends here )