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IFF Mark III airborne Transpondor similar to the ABK or SCR-595 in that it sweeps the Navy A band frequencies (Army's I band) providing a coded reply for reception by a responsor upon being challenged on a frequency in the band. In addition to this function, the SCR-695 is provided with a second transpondor which operates on a fixed frequency that may be adjusted over a range designated as the G band. This G band transpondor provides a frequency channel for interceptors operating with ground and shipboard GCI units. USES: The A Band transpondor serves to identify the aircraft as friendly and its G band transpondor further identifies the aircraft as a fighter directly on the GCI PPI indicator. SCR-695 (ABF) responds to:

  • Navy (Ship) Interrogator-Responsors
  • Army (Ground) Interrogator-Responsors RC-107, RC-127, RC- 36, RC-145, RC-148, RC-150, RC-151, RC-157, RC-182, RC-184, RC-188, RC-192, RC-215, RC-282; Radars SCR-527, SCR-545, SCR-588, SCR-602, SCR-627.
  • Royal Navy Interrogator-Responsors 242, 243.
  • Navy (Airborne) Interrogator-Responsors AN/APX-2; Radars ASE, ASVC.
  • Army (Airborne) Interrogator-Responsors SCR-729; radars SCR-521-A, SCR-521-B.