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The S-73/TRC-32 is the shelter for the AN/TRC-32 Radio Set. The following pictures show a modified S-73. The original shelter had no windows and it is not known if the airconditioner belongs to the standard shelter:

S-73.TRC-32.1.jpg S-73.TRC-32.2.jpg S-73.TRC-32.3.jpg S-73.TRC-32.4.jpg S-73.TRC-32.5.jpg S-73.TRC-32.6.jpg S-73.TRC-32.7.jpg S-73.TRC-32.8.jpg S-73.TRC-32.9.jpg S-73.TRC-32.10.jpg S-73.TRC-32.11.jpg S-73.TRC-32.12.jpg S-73.TRC-32.13.jpg