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The model RBZ radio receiving equipment is designed to server as a portable radio receiver intended to be carried primarily on the chest in a special canvas holder secured in place by shoulder straps. The antenna lead-in conssits of a flexible cable, rubber covered, with a clamp on one end for fstening to the standard metal helmet which acts as the antenna, and a pin-terminal on the other for connecting with the radio set. HEadphones, which are mounted in a suitable canvas skull cap, are provided for use under the helmet. The equipment is light and compact and derives all operating power from the seflf0contained dry batteries which are carried in one of the tow identical and interchangeable watertight plastic cases.

The circuit used is that of a five tube pemeability tuned superheterodyne receiver. There is one stage of RF, one mixer and oscillator tube, one IF stage, detector with AVC and AF amplifier, and an AF power amplifier. The on and off switch is on the same shaft with the gain control. The tuning knob must be proessed to engage the clutch operating the ganged powwered iron slugs fo the three tuned coils, viz: antenna, RF, and oscillator.



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Reference Files

Adobe PDF icon.png Instruction Book

Navy Model RBZ
Radio Receiving Equipment
Frequency Range
2 to 5.8 Mcs
5 - 13 MC