M 3 Scout Car (all variants)

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Adobe PDF icon.png TM 9-705 1942

  • TM 9-1705C War Department Oct.1, 1942 Diesel Power Plant For Scout Car M3A1 (Hercules DJXD Engine)

Adobe PDF icon.png TM 9-1705C 1942 Good Quality, but pages 265 thru 296 missing.

  • TM 11-2717, 44. Installation of Radio and Interphone Equipment in Car, Scout, M3A1, 68 pages. PB 23464 - BSIR 2(4):251; 07/26/46

Adobe PDF icon.png TM 11-2717 1944 (Museum TD, Soesterberg NL/Corjan de Wit)

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