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changed to IL- under JETDS

  • IN-1, strain, Hard rubber insulator, with hooks
  • IN-2, strain, Ball-type, Electrose 4500 without hooks
  • IN-3, Dielecto, "streamline"
  • IN-4, strain, S.G.D.P. Electrose 3001
  • IN-5, strain, Hard rubber rod, 5.5 x .625"
  • IN-6, mast top, bakelite with brass cap, threaded for pin FT-3
  • IN-7, pin type, for mast top,
  • IN-8, strain, phenol fiber rod, Phenolic rod, 4"
  • IN-9, Separator
  • IN-10, strain, Micarta, with hooks or clevises
  • IN-15, late edition, glass single groove

(No record of IN-11 to In-52)

  • IN-53, wooden knob, single groove.
  • IN-54 ?
  • IN-55, strain, Hard rubber, later porcelain with end hooks for antenna AN-4
  • IN-56, double groove, double petticoat, Porcelain, with lag screw,
  • IN-57, wooden knob, single groove.
  • IN-58, wooden knob, single groove.
  • IN-59, wooden knob, single groove.
  • IN-60, Knob, trench type, made of electrose, single groove.
  • IN 61, strain, Porcelain rod, 18" X 1.5 Dia
  • IN-62, pigtail, for lance poles, di-molded mica, (curly-que wire out the top of the insulator)
  • IN-63, clamp for lance pole, di-molded mica,

(NOTE 1920 storage catalog ends here)