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(Note wiring harnes for leather skull caps, will not fit tankers helmet)

Headset list

  • HS-1 double Rec. R-1, PL-7, in HA-1 helmet (aircraft)
  • HS-2 double Rec. R-1, PL-7, in HA-2 helmet (aircraft)
  • HS-3 double Rec. R-5, PL-20, HB-2 headband
  • HS-4 double Rec. R-7, head band HB-1
  • HS-5 telephone bipolar? for BD-9, 10, 11.
  • HS-6?
  • HS-7 telephone, spring steel headclamp
  • HS-8 telephone, double Rec. R-7, ST-16 strap, conects to chest set
  • HS-9 double Rec. R-1, PL-5, HA-2 helmet, (aircraft)

(Note 1920 storage catalog ends here)