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Chest Set, electrical, H-18/GT is a telephone type transmitter mounted on a chest plate by an adjustable steel arm. This equipment is used with Radio Set AN/CRD-2, Radio Set AN/TTG-1, Switchboard BD-71, Switchboard BD-72, Switchboard BD-91, Switchboard BD-101, Flash Range Set GR-4, Flash Range Set GR-8, Radio Set AN/TRL, Switchboard BD-110, Radar Set AN/FPG-2; Telephone Central Office Set TC-1, Telephone Central Office Set TC-2, and Telephone Central Office Set TC-4.


1 Chest Unit H-17/GT
1 Cord CX-67/GR
1 Signal Strap ST-25
1 Switch
Dimensions: (Chest Unit)
Height - 6 inches (152.40 mm)
Width - 2-1/4 inches (57.15 mm)
Depth - 4-1/2 inches (114.30 mm)
Weight - Not rated
Microphone Data
Type - Carbon
Mounting - Chest Plate Mounted
Cord Data
Length - Not rated
Number of Conductors - 3
Number of Connectors - 2
Connector Designation - JK-53 Plug (Chest Set End) U-31/GT (System End)
Operating current - 60 milliamperes
Nominal Impedance - 30 ohms
Frequency - 300 to 3,000 cps
Switch Function
Connects Microphone circuit and control circuit contacts
Switch Electrical Ratings
Current Rating - 2 amperes control circuit 150 ma microphone circuit
Connector Designation - Microphone Jack mates with Plug PL-291 Headset Jack mates with Plug PL54
Environmental Limitations
Equipment Operating:
Temperature - 80° F to + 160° F
Elevation - Up to 10, 000 feet above sea level
Relative Humidity - Up to 100 percent including condensation caused by temperature changes
Vibration - No mechanical resonance below 55 cps

Reference FIles

ARCS Research and Development Corp Standardization of Chest Sets Purification Report Contract DA 36-039, SC66416, Final Report Technical Analysis Phase Contract DA 36-039, SC66416
MSS 5965-2