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Telephone Repeater EE-89 is a portable, two wire repeater equipment which is installed at intermediate points of a tactical field wire system (at junctions of sections having similar characteristics) to extend the normal transmission range of facilities serving division and higher headquarters.

Equipment consists of amplifier equipment and related control apparatus contained in a wooden field case fitted with carrying straps. The case has space for the necessary batteries.

It may be used at the exact center of a loaded section but not at junctions of loaded and nonloaded sections. Two can be used in tandem in the same circuit.

Telephone EE-8 can be bridged across this equipment.

Technical Characteristics

Uses a self contained battery BA-40

Related Files

Adobe PDF icon.png TM 11-2006

Telephone Repeater EE-89-A
14 July 1943
change 1, 29 September 1944
supplement, 5 July 1944