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The C-2296/VRC is installed in a waterproof box, outside the vehicle (usually tanks). It comes with an H-207/VRC attached. The C-2296/VRC must be connected to a C-2297/VRC (through vehicle wiring).

C-2296 VRC.png

  • J61 - Provides connection, in parallel, to the driver’ s C-2297/VRC through vehicle wiring.
  • J62 - Provides connection to the external signal lamp, attached to the waterproof box.
  • RAD TRANS-INT - Functions only if C-2297/VRC has EXT selected. In the INT position the operator will monitor the audio selected by the driver’s C-2297/VRC, and may key the intercom. In the spring loaded RAD TRANS position, the operator may key the radio (selected by the driver).
  • VOLUME - Adjusts the loudness of the audio signal heard at the H-207/VRC.
  • Key switch - The key switch on the H-207/VRC is used to key the radio or intercom set. It is also used to flash the light on the driver’s C-2297/VRC, if he has selected OFF on the SIG-E XT-OFF switch, by pressing and releasing the switch.