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There are several ways to copy and backup the content on this site. Please feel free to do so, we want you to publish this data wherever you want. Remember though we are using the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike License. (See RadioNerds:Copyrights for details.). you cannot take our unique content (things we wrote) and make it Proprietary. The Individual Government documents are still Public Doman (TM's etc). If we publish this information everywhere, then developing a commercial CD wont be successful, since anyone can download them all.

A Complete Backup of all the Manuals

We are working to make this more effective for the different needs people may have, i currently have a flat directory, with just the PDF manuals, we will improve this over time.

To be clear all the contributed manuals and materials in PDF are included in the backup to use an anyway you see fit.

Goto and grab the backup.