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BA–17.—This battery consists of a single cell commercially known as the No. 6 size and is probably most generally used in electrical work. The cell is cylindrical and is contained in a paraffined cardboard carton. It is about 6-1/2 inches high and 2-5/8 inches in diameter, and its weight about 2 pounds. It has an open-circuit voltage of 1.54 volts; an internal resistance of 0.05 ohm, increasing to about 0.08 or more as the cell approaches exhaustion; a shelf life of 9 months; and a service life of 3 months. The short circuit current, when new, is about 30 amperes. This cell is of the same size as BA-10 and the two can be used interchangeably.

Used in

  • BD-9-A. Monocord switchboard.
  • BD—11—A. Similar to above.
  • BD-14. Camp telephone switchboard.
  • EE-13. Standard wall telephone, fire-alarm telephone system.
  • EE-14. Buzzer instruction set.
  • EE–25. Composite wall telephone, plotters type.
  • EE–26. Composite artillery telephone, desk type.
  • EE-27. Similar except wall type.
  • EE-28. Similar except portable type.
  • SCR-127. Radiotelegraph pack set.
  • SCR-130. Similar to above.


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Adobe PDF icon.png TR PA-07 1922