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The AT-1011/U is known as the Model 120 HF antenna system by Shakespeare

The Model 120 Antenna System suits a variety of mountings, antenna heights, and configurations. With sections of 4’ length each this versatile, eight -section fiberglass antenna system pulls duty as a 12’ to 16’ mobile antenna, or as a 20’-32’ transportable stationary system. Choose the components you need for your specific applications. A custom carry case is available, plus a wide choice of mounts. The Model 120’s unique design achieves strength and reliability by merely hand tightening the sections. The antenna system takes advantage of Shakespeare’s exclusive design taper rolled thread ferrules to ensure mechanical strength transfer with positive electrical contact, even during flexing. As a result Model 120 is quick to assemble and quick to move. Special assembly tools are not required. One person can assemble and erect the antenna in minutes. Special features of the model 4244 Spring Mount permit Model 120’s top three sections to be used as a 12’ mobile whip. The upper four tapered sections form a 16’ mobile antenna system. To this, up to four extensions can be added, adapting the antenna for stationary use.[1]


AT-1011-U guyed.png
2-30 MHz with tuner (not supplied)
Power Rating
1 KW
Shakespeare Fiberglass Process (antenna sections)
For all weather environments
Salt Fog Resistant
5% salinity solution
Operating Temp
-40º C to +80º C
Base Diameter
1.25” (nominal)
Tip Diameter
.25” (nominal)
16’ 4 sections
24’ 6 sections
32’ 8 sections
30 lbs nominal
Military Green #23
Up to 15,000 ft

Wind Ratings

(depending on soil conditions)

Unguyed 16’
Up to 80 MPH
Unguyed 32’
Up to 35 MPH
Guyed 32’
Up to 90 MPH

For 0.5” radial ice, reduce wind rating by 40%

AT-1011-U Impedance chart.png

AT-1011-U Parts Listing.png