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The AS-2259/GR Manpack HF Antenna is essentially a dipole antenna fed with a low-loss, foam-dielectric, coaxial mast that also serves as a support structure. The dipole system uses a set of crossed sloping dipoles positioned at right angles to each other. Physically the antenna consists of eight light-weight coaxial mast sections and four radiating elements that also serve as guys. The antenna is transported in a canvas pack similar to a tool roll. The total packed weight of the antenna is 14.7 pounds. Erection is accomplished by two men in 5 minutes without the use of any tools.

The AS-2259/GR antenna is designed to provide high-angle radiation (near vertical incidence) to permit short-range skywave propagation over communication circuits varying from 0 to 300 miles. The AS-2259/GR may be used with tactical hf radios that tune a 15-foot whip antenna, such as the AN/PRC-47. The frequency range of the antenna is 2.0 to 30.0 MHz and maximum rf power capacity is 1000 watts pep, or average.




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