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Radio transceiver AN/URC-32 is a manually operated radio communication equipment for operation in the 2-30 mHz range. With a power output of 500 watts, this transceiver is capable of transmitting signals over long distances. It is designed for single-sideband transmission and reception on upper sideband (USB), lower sideband (LSB), or the two independent sidebands simultaneously, with separate AF and IF channels for each sideband. In addition to SSB operation, provisions are included for compatible a-m (carrier plus upper sideband), CW, or frequency shift keying (fsk). The fsk mode of operation is used for sending radio teletype (RATT) and facsimile (FAX) signals. The frequency range of 2 to 30 mc is covered in four bands. The desired operating frequency is selected in 1 kHz increments (0.1 kHz on B model) on a direct-reading frequency counter. Frequency accuracy and stability are controlled by a self-contained frequency standard. Provisions also are made for using an external frequency standard. Because of its versatility and power, the AN/URC-32 is installed on most Navy ships having a requirement for communicating at long distances.

AN URC-32.jpg AN URC-32 controls.jpg

Cross Reference Chart

The URC-32 is essentially a Collins KWT-6, the following chart describes the individual components between the Collins and Military designations.

Collins to Military Component Designations
Description Collins Military
Transceiver Power Amplifier 367A-3 AM-2061/URT
Frequency Generator 786E-1 CV-731/URC
Sideband Generator 786F-1 AM-2061/URC
Audio and Control Unit 159B-1 AM-2062/URC
Audio and Control Unit 159B-2 AM-2062A/URC
High Voltage Power Supply 428B-1 PP-2153/U
Low Voltage Power Supply 429B-1 PP-2154/U
Dynamic Handset Dynamic Handset H-169/U and Cord Assembly CX-1846A/U
Handset Adaptor Handset Adaptor Control Power Supply


Frequency Comparator 54Q-1 Signal Comparator


CW and FSK Unit CW and FSK Unit Converter Monitor


Dummy Antenna 172J-1 Electrical Dummy Load


Junction Box 153H-3 Interconnecting Box


Blower 199G-3 Electronic Equipment Air Cooler


Mounting Rack and Shock Mount Mounting Rack and Shock Mount Electrical Equipment Rack


CV-731 URC 8751786219 l.jpg

Military HD-347/U Electronic Equipment Air Cooler (Collins Blower 1990-3)

Collins Blower 1990-3, shown in figure 20, is a centrifugal blower capable of delivering 125 cfm of air at a pressure equivalent to 1.83 inches of water. The 1990-3 includes a double-pole, single-throw switch which is actuated by air pressure. The switch contacts are used as interlocks for the primary power to the system. A block diagram of the 1990-3 is shown in figure 21. The unit mounts in a standard 19-inch open-type rack. Cooling air is supplied to the units mounted in the rack through a central air duct, All power and control connections are made through an 8-pin connector located on the top of the 1990-3. Access to components is obtained by removing the front cover and air filter.

Technical characteristics

115/230 Volts AC, 50 to 60 cps.
215 watts at 1.0-in. water gauge pressure.
125 cfm at 1.83-in. water gauge static pressure.
8-7/8 in. high by 11-1/4 in. deep by 19 in, wide.
22 pounds.
8-7/8 in,

Blower Bearing Replacement

On of the most common issues with the Cooling unit is the bearings become noisy. They are very simple to replace. The Bartlett Bearing Part number for this part is "WC87038" 2 are required. As of Dec 2016 they were $23.00 each. As an alternative you can use the ultra common 608 bearing which is a common skate bearing and cost under $4.00. it is thinner than the original, but will work perfectly fine. Some shimming may be required.