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Operations Center: Arranged for universal operation as a wing filter center, wing operations center, fighter-control operations area control center or a combined filter-fighter control area operations center.

Equipment includes telephone facilities, furniture, plotting and lighting equipment, power cabinet, storage batteries and two engine alternators.
Packing cases used as platforms and benches.
A mobile tactical control center employs two standard 2-1/2 ton (6x6)trucks for mounting and transporting platforms and cabinets, and two standard 1-ton cargo trailers for transporting the two eng.-alt. Details for mounting cabinets and platforms in trucks provided as part of equipment.
Telephone equipment arranged for intercommunication and for connection to land lines and radio sets. Position units of two types; one a telephone unit and the other a five-line unit; permit ready transfer of lines to or from a position. Equipment included for remotely controlling sixteen of the commonly used Signal Corps radio sets.
Except for some common battery switchboard trunks circuits signaling on land lines is magneto.
Two Switchboards BD-72, 12 lines each, are provided for use as administration switchboard. Two common battery trunks units for connection to central offices each containing 2 circuits, are provided as supplementary equipment.

AN/TTQ-1 AN/TTQ-1 Packed in truck


  • TM 11-438 Operations Center AN/TTQ-1, 1943-10-06
  • TM 11-932 (ENG.-ALT.)