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Radio Set AN/TRC-8 (XC-3) consists of an FM (frequency modulated) Radio Receiver R-48/TRC-8 (XC-3), an FM Radio Transmitter T-30/TRC-8 (XC-3), Power Pack PP-1l5/TRC-8 (XC-3), two Antenna Assemblies AS-52/TRC-8 (XC-3), two 40-foot Antenna Supports AB-48/TRC-8 (XC-3), one Power Unit PE-75-( ), and spare parts for maintenance. This equipment is intended for point-to-point or radio-relay application to provide either single or multichannel communication in both directions simultaneously. Spare components are not included in Radio Set AN/TRC-8 (XC-3) as it is not intended for continuous uninterrupted operation. The reliable range is 25 miles over flat terrain. Satisfactory communication can be attained as far as 100 miles when advantage is taken of high points in the terrain and when a line-of-sight path exists between transmitter and receiver. The equipment is solidly built and is intended for use as a fixed field station and not for mobile operation. All components are transportable in a standard military 3/4-ton truck or 1-ton trailer. The radio set may be installed by a crew of four men in approximately 1 hour after arrival at the operating site if the equipment has previously been removed from any packing cases. It has been designed with excellent frequency stability, sensitivity, and all operating characteristics necessary for long, reliable service under conditions of relative humidity up to 95 percent and temperature variations from 40C to +60C.

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Technical Characteristics

Radio Receiver R-48/TRC-8 (XC-31)

Receiver type
superheterodyne Frequency range 230 to 250 mc
Type of modulation Received
FM +- 100 kc deviation
Intermediate frequency
30 mc
Audio bandwidth
200 to 12,000 cps
Frequency control
tunable resonant line (no crystal)
Output impedance (high fidelity)
500 ohms
Power input
115 or 230 volts, 50-60 cycles, 120 watts
Power supply
Number of tubes 15

Radio Transmitter T-30/TRC-8 (XC-31)

Frequency range
230 to 250 mc
Type of modulation
FM, ± 100-kc deviation (100% modulation)
Power output
12 watts
Type of transmission
voice or multichannel telephone, telegraph, or facsimile
Operating range
25 to 100 miles
Frequency control
Tunable resonant line (no crystal)
Power input
115 or 230 volts, 50- 60 cycles, 350 watts
Number of tubes
8 (6 in transmitter, 2 in power pack)

Antenna Assembly AS-52/TRC-8 (XC-3)

Type of antenna
half-wave dipole with 90' corner reflector; supported by 40-foot sectional mast
Antenna beam width


Reference Files

Adobe_PDF_icon.png TM 11-618[1]
Radio Set
AN/TRC-8 (XC-3)
Radio Terminal Set
AN/TRC-11 (XC-3)
Radio Relay Set
AN/TRC-12 (XC-3)
19 March 1945


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Adobe PDF icon.png TM 11-618 Mar. 1945