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radio transceiver

R-761/ARC-58 transceiver
T-730/TRC-75 linear power amplifier
C3141/TRC-75 control box
C-2848/TRC-75 antenna coupler control
CU-749/TRC-75 antenna coupler
AM-2360/TRC-75 microphone and audio aplifier
CV-786/TRC-75 RTTY modem

All the above components are inclosed in the case CY 2600/TRC-75.
The power for the TRC-75 is from the inverter PP-2352/UR.
wich convert the vehicular 28 Vdc to a three phases 115 Vac 400Hz ,
one phase is filtered for use with the receiver R-761/ARC-58 and for the various servo amplifiers used in the apparatus.

Technical Details

General Characteristics
Frequency range 2000 - 29999 KHz
Frequency steps 1 KHz
Frequency stability 0.5 ppm
Tuning automatic, servocontrolled
Modulation modes AM , USB, LSB, CW, FSK
Antenna Whip 15 -30 feet, Long wire 45 - 95 feet, dipole 50 Ohm
Working temperature +50°C -40°C
vacuum tubes used 40
Transistors used 114
Power 115 Vac (phase neutral) 400Hz 3 phases 2.500 W max
Dimensions W 48.5' (123 cm), H 20' (51 cm), D 30,5' (77 cm)
Weight 325 pounds, 147 kg
Receiving Characteristics
Sensitivity better than 1 microVolt SSB, 3 microvolt AM for 10db S+N/N
Selectivity 2.6 KHz a 3db LSB USB e 6 KHz in AM
Audio output 1.5 W
output impedance 600 Ohm in loudspeaker
Transmitting Characteristics
SSB 900W PEP high power, 400 W PEP low power
AM 180 W carrier high power, 80 W low power
CW RTTY 700 W high power, 100 W low power
Third order intermodulation -30db
Duty cycle SSB and FSK continuous, AM 50%