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Radio set AN/SRC-3 is a crystal controlled, fixed frequency, transmitting and receiving equipment which operates on the distress frequency range for AM (CW) communications from lifeboats.

This equipment consists of a single unit containing transmitting and receiving components and includes a charging panel, batteries and headphones.

It can be used for distress (SOS) signalling or for emergency CW communications by means of the telegraph hand key on the front panel. It uses a conventional long-wire type of antenna.

Power is furnished by 1 storage batter and a 45 volt dry cell.

AN SRC-3 8751783671 l.jpg

Technical Details

Frequency Range
Transmitter: 500 kHz
Receiver: 350 - 550 kHz
Type of Modulation
Type of Signal
LCW and CW
Power Output
50 Watts
Power Requirements
2 each 12volt storage batteries
1 45 volt B Battery
Approximate Range
Short to medium

Reference Files

Adobe PDF icon.png JANAP 161 PP 665

15 February 1952