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The AN/PRC-112 combat search and rescue transceiver is a replacement for the AN/PRC-90-2.

The AN/PRC-112 has frequency ranges of:

  • AM voice on 121.5 MHz, 243 MHz and 282.8 MHz.
  • UHF frequency of 225–320 MHz.

The AN/PRC-112 operates in the following modes: voice, beacon, transponder mode, 406 search and rescue satellite, and UHF SATCOM. It is also dependant on the program loader KY- 913 which has a keypad for data entry and an eight character display used to display the entered data and messages to the operator. The program loader attaches to the radio during programming and supplies the required power to the radio when attached. (Refer to TM 11-5820-1037-13&P for more information on the AN/PRC-112.)