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Transmitting Central, Radio, (also called Radio Transmitting Set) AN/MRT-9 was an assemblage of radio transmitters and associated equipment, capable of transmitting am, fsk, and simultaneous transmission of am and fsk over a frequency range of 1,5 to 20 megacycles. The AN/MRT-9 provided three transmission circuits for voice or teletypewriter, or a combination of the two. The AN/MRT-9 was deployed at Army level, was air-transportable and was designed for installation in a 2-1/2-ton truck. It was often used in conjunction with the AN/MRR-8.

Major Components

1. Radio Transmitter T-368/URT (3)

2. Receiver, Radio R-390/URR (1)

3. Teletypewriter TT-76/GGC (1)

4. Antenna Tunig Unit BC-939 (3)

5. Terminal Telegraph TH-5/TB (5)

6. Teletypewriter TT-98/FG (1)

7. Telephone Set TA-312/PT (2)

8. Shelter, Electrical Equipment S-186/MRT-9 (1)

9.Generator Set, Gasoline Engine, Trailer Mounted PU-378/G (1)

Reference File

  • TM 11-5820-352-15